Trivia about Fruit Medicine

Fruits are the key to any healthy person, they supply us with their nutrition and juice. Eating fruit provides health benefits, people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body. Now, here’s the trivia about fruit medicine.


Did you know that kumquat are like all citrus? These fruits are cholesterol, fat, and sodium free. They provide a good source of fiber and of the vitamins A and C. Can cook with sugar then use to top pound cake or ice cream.


Did you know that people use pomegranate for flu, stomatitis, gum, diabetes, bleeding? It is used as a gargle for sore throat, and to treat hemorrhoids. In the Christian art, it is found in devotional statues and paintings.


Did you know that Rambutan is native to Indonesia and Malaysia? Rambutan fruit contains carbohydrate, protein, fat, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamin C? The Skin tanin of this fruits contain saponin. The fruit are usually sold fresh, used in making jams and jellies, or canned.


Did you know that Pineapple juice can be used as a gargle to relieve a sore throat and as an antidote for
seasickness? Pineapple contains the enzymes, are soften that helps in healing of many skin diseases.  The enzymes in these fruits scrap free-radical damage and are known to relieve age spots and fine lines . Pineapple also helps to purify the skin by dissolving all the dead cells from the skin’s surface.


Did you know that Watermelons need warmth, water, sun and space. Most of us love watermelon for its taste, but many are ignorant of its health benefits. Watermelon has been used as a medicinal plant in several native cultures.


Zingiber Officinalis


Ginger is a tropical plant that was spread around the tropical world during the colonial days. In Africa, Asia, or South America, and many hot spots between those continents, locals have taken to using ginger widely in medicine and food. The entire ginger family is rich in oils that both kill micro-critters and stimulate the immune system to do the same. The ways it stimulates the body are many, and, whether added to food or taken as a medicinal tea, ginger makes your body a little bit stronger and a little bit better able to resist the damaging forces of nature.

The following are some of the benefits we can get to ginger:

  • Gastrointestinal Relief
  • Safe and effective relief of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Protection against colorectal cancer
  • Induces cell death in ovarian cancer cells
  • Immune boosting action

Alugbati’s benifits and usage

Alugbati or Malabar spinach

Alugbati or Malabar spinach is actually a succulent vegetable, especially the young shoots. It can grow abundantly on its own. The plant flowers naturally during a short-day period thus seed production is fast. The leaves are fleshy and round, and can replace spinach. Basella rubra, the edible species, has red flowers and purple stems. The fruit is fleshy and turns purple when mature.

What are the Alugbati Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits?

The plant is rich in saponin, iron and Vitamins A (510 IU per cup of alugbati), B and C and is a rich source of soluble fiber, which helps digestion. Saponins act as phytochemicals, which can fight off cancer. The red variety of alugbati is a good source of xanthones, an antioxidant. A cup of alugbati has only 10 calories and less than 0.5 g of fat. It also has 55 mg of calcium, 113 mg of potassium and 50 mcg of folic acid. Folic acid, which is also called folate, is one of the B vitamins that are critical for childbearing women. It helps them prevent birth defects on the neural tube, e.g., spina bifida.

When overcooked, alugbati is slimy, which gives soups and stews a thick texture. The cooked roots are used to treat diarrhea while cooked alugbati leaves and stems can serve as mild laxative, especially in kids and pregnant women. The decoction from the leaves is also mixed with sugar and used for catarrhal difficulty in children. In treating the latter, crush two leaves and apply as a poultice two times a day.

Similarly, the sap is also applied to acne to prevent inflammation. It also soothes headaches. When mixed with butter, it can be applied on burns and scalds. The flowers can be used as antidote for poison while a poultice made from the roots is applied to swellings.

According to other countries’ folklores, the plant is also used in treating hemorrhages and can enhance fertility in women. It is also administered to patients with sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea. One of my favorite is the gata with monggo and with squash also put the alugbati. It is so delicious to everyone.  And this is my blog. I hope it will hel you a lot.

Thanks be to God.

Herbal Medicine: Pansit-pansitan

Did you know that the herbal medicine is more effective & efficient than antibiotics? We do not know that the plants around us is also a medicine like pansit-pansitan or the shinny bush.

Now let us find out what is the health benefits & uses of “Shinny Bush”.

Pansit-pansitan or Shinny Bush

Pansit-pansitan is a common fleshy shallow rooted herb that grows to about 15 to 45 cm in height in damp and lightly shaded areas. Pansit-pansitan has been used as food item as well as a medicinal herb for its analgesic, anti-arthritic, diuretic activity. The entire plant is edible both cooked or raw.

Pansit-pansitan plant can grow wild but also grown as ornamental foliage. Pansit-pansitan is characterized by its shiny heart shaped leaves about 4 cm in length, growing from an erect translucent green stalks. Pansit-pansitan has tiny dot-like flowers that grow from erect and slender green spikes that turn brown when matured. The fruits are also very small, round to oblong, ridged, first green later black. Tiny seeds drop off that grows easily in groups.

Pansit-pansitan grows wild in nooks and corners in damp lightly shaded areas. The whole plant can be harvested fresh, eaten raw as in salad ingredient or cooked with other vegetables and meat.

Pansit-pansitan juice can be prepared by collecting stems and leaves mixed with boiled water or formed into poultice to be applied topically over skin wounds and inflammation.

Pansit-pansitan use has no reported side effects. In a study done on pansit-pansitan extract overdose in mice, it was suggestive of a moderately wide margin of safety of the plant.

Scientific Name:
Peperomia pellucida Linn.

Pansit-pansitan is also knows as:

  1. Pansit-pansitan
  2. Ulasimang bato
  3. Clear weed
  4. Shiny bush
  5. Silver bush
  6. Cao hu jiao

Pansit-pansitan is used as an herbal medicine for the treatment of:

  • Eye inflammation,
  • Sore throat,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Prostate problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Skin boils
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Skin inflammation
  • Abscesses
  • Pimples
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pains
  • Renal problems
  • Mental excitement disorder

Now, we don’t need to use or buy any expensive medicine, antibiotics for our diseases or cosmetic drugs to lose our pimples. The pansit-pansitan or the shinny bush is the only solution to our problem.

Benefits & Usage of Alternative Medicine

My first topic is all about Alternative Medicine. Some people do not know what is the alternative medicine, nor did they know why and how able the function & to use it. But what is the alternative medicine? And what is the use and importance of it? Why were some people who used it more than to go the hospital to check-up the doctor? Because they don’t have money? Some people do not use alternative medicine because it has no base when it comes to the scientific method.

Now, let us find out what is the Alternative Medicine and what is the benefits & usage.

Alternative medicine is any practice that is put forward as having the healing effects of medicine but is not based on evidence gathered with the scientific method.It may consist of a wide range of health care practices, products and therapies, using methods of medical diagnosis and treatments which were typically not included in the degree courses of established medical schools teaching medicine, including surgery. It also a variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices, such as homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal medicine, that do not follow generally accepted medical methods and may not have a scientific explanation for their effectiveness.

Benefits and Usage:

The natural therapies present in alternative medicines are age-old as compared to western form of treatments such as antibiotics and surgeries. According to physicians, most alternative medicine therapies started with clinical impressions or scientific research. The medicines are safe and involve natural substances. One primary objective of alternative medicines is to relieve people from depending largely on drug usage and help them manage their lives naturally. For users’ convenience, below given are some ways to use alternative medicines:

1. People following an alternative medicine may do physical exercises such as osteopathy, yoga, infuse physical activity, tai chi, meditation and reflexology. To do these exercises, place the pillow on a surface providing comfort to the body, since these exercises stimulate and manipulate structural balance of the body. In addition, the exercises improve overall bodily functions. Users may practice these exercises for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional benefits.

2. Users may undergo massage therapy, which involves manipulating and rubbing the body tissue for mental and physical relaxation. They may do this either at home or at a massage clinic. When at home, apply massage oils to the neck, forehead, feet and hands.

3. Change the way of thinking. Exercise the mind first, so the body follows it. Meditate for relaxing the mind, thinking positively and clearing stress. Take deep breaths for better healing. Simultaneously, make use of enhanced visualization of objects for forming good thought patterns.

4. For relaxing the body, drink herbal teas. Improvement of bodily functions depends on what people eat and drink, since the same relieves, stimulates and has a healing effect on the body. Consume fresh fruits, vegetables and vitamins daily so that the body gets essential nutrients. Drink ginger tea since it is effective in the cure of nausea and heals the body naturally.

5. Those who wish to develop strong bones and healthy muscles may seek the help of a chiropractor. Chiropractic is a method of treatment that manipulates the body structures, especially the spine to relieve low back pain or even headache or high blood pressure. The chiropractor shows people their pressure points.

6. A simple, yet curable method that comes under alternative therapy is laughter as being the best medicine. People have experienced miraculous changes in certain health disorders due to mere laughing. As such, it is advisable people watch comedy shows on TV. Read magazines and books that promote laughter. Alternately, cleanse the entire body with essential oils, herbs, fruits that have certain therapeutic benefits on the skin. Combine herbs, natural products and fruits together as a remedy to skin disorders.

7. Users may try alternative medicines such as the electromagnetic therapy and biofeedback, which controls body functions such as heart rate, brain activity and blood pressure.

People have turned to using alternative medicine, since it offers multiple health benefits and cures them from long-term ailments in a natural way.




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